Cookery Quote
Never eat anything bigger than your head
Whenever you see crossed chives you are in trouble
We should all be eating less meat and better meat

Good to see Nigella looking so well.

Nigella was described in a recent interview for the Daily Telegraph as “Slimmed down celebrity cook launches her new TV show and book with lighter recipes” all under a headline that proclaimed “Why the latest food fads are off the menu for Nigella”. The ex-Mrs Saatchi was asked about “clean eating” and “healthy food” (allegedly these are the latest, next big things)…. but what kind of a world is it where healthy eating has become a specialist fad? “Life is about balance, it’s not about being smug” says Nigella. Doubtless the publicity department of her book publisher is very happy with her efforts to carve out yet another new path. After all a whiff of telly goes a long way towards better book sales and the Telegraph piece was a trailer for the full interview which you’ll find in the November issue of Good Housekeeping. Just cast your mind back and try to list all the different diets and eating plans that you can remember: the ‎Dukan diet; the ‎Paleo diet; the new Atkins diet; the high fibre diet; the cabbage soup diet; the pineapple diet…. What a crowded and profitable corner of the marketplace a healthy lifestyle occupies. Sadly, we all need the latest diet book to convince ourselves that a horrid upheaval of our eating habits will strike gold and that by following the next plan we will end up sylphlike and raring to go. Fortunately I have found the Holy Grail and can share with you a diet that is easy to follow, with dishes that are easy to cook and ingredients that are generally available. This is the “all things in moderation” diet. Don’t stuff yourself. Don’t go on benders. Eat well. Eat fresh. And there’s another advantage, you won’t need to buy any diet books.

  • The Diner - Double decker
  • Hard Rock Cafe - HRC burger
  • Arbutus - Squid and mackerel burger
  • Haché - Cheeseburger
  • Eagle Diner - Golden Hog (wild boar)
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen - Buffalo burger