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Never eat anything bigger than your head
We should all be eating less meat and better meat
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Food and Beer

If there is a ”Festival Season” it is now! Following the success of the Droitwich Food Festival – a magnificent gala dinner devised by Mark Hix using the best local produce on Friday 20th of June and then the town centre roads closed on the Saturday morning with over 100 food stalls selling everything from pies to beer and Indian food. This weekend (Saturday 28th June) the emphasis shifted to the FAB Festival on the meadows at Upton on Severn. The Fab Festivals are based on a very simple premise - FAB stands for Food and Beer and that means a food festival crammed with local producers and a monster bar tent with 100 different beers and ciders to try.
Even when you think you have a decent grasp of your subject Festivals can still surprise you, half way down the row of stalls on Droitwich High Street last week there was a stall selling beer. In my defence the young bloke who was head brewer did look vaguely familiar. The dialogue went like this me: “So you’re the man behind the Two Dogs Brewery?” him: “Yes, we make a couple of bottle conditioned beers” me: “and where are you based?” him: “Crowle, we’re on the other side of the road and about a hundred yards down from your house!” Setting up breweries is becoming easier but it took a Food Festival to make me aware of what my neighbours were doing. Another beer added to the roster – well hopped and very sound Two Dogs Brewing is a micro brewery worth following.



Charles Campion - Sunday 29th June 2014

  • Chicken soup at Harry Morgan
  • Fish soup at Terroirs
  • Duck soup at Min Jiang
  • Pho at Song Que
  • Tripe soup at Istanbul Iskembecisi
  • London Particular at the Coach & Horses