Whenever you see crossed chives you are in trouble
Never eat anything bigger than your head
We should all be eating less meat and better meat
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This year’s Sausage Rollover

2014 is still a pup, but looking through last year’s files I came across the piece that I wrote about the inaugural Sausage Rollover which was held at the Red Lion in Barnes. In 2013 I grumbled a good deal about the clever-clever-over-cheffy sausage rolls that were entered. I grizzled about the “sausage” roll that was made by wrapping a lobster tail in pastry. I wrote of my longing for a simple sausage roll that was greasy, filling and perfect ballast for when the thirst was raging.


  • Chicken soup at Harry Morgan
  • Fish soup at Terroirs
  • Duck soup at Min Jiang
  • Pho at Song Que
  • Tripe soup at Istanbul Iskembecisi
  • London Particular at the Coach & Horses