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Whenever you see crossed chives you are in trouble
We should all be eating less meat and better meat
Never eat anything bigger than your head
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Tap, Tap, Tapping Away

As more and more restaurateurs seek that magic formula – the one that allows them to succeed however dire the economic climate becomes – more and more of them are turning to tapas. There’s French tapas at the magnificent Terroirs tucked away beside Trafalgar Square; there’s Italian tapas at the equally fine Boca di Lupo on Archer Street. Small plates and plenty of them seems to be something of a watchword. And then there are the Spanish tapas bars which come complete with a dose of righteous indignation and murmurings about plagiarism.


  • The Diner - Double decker
  • Hard Rock Cafe - HRC burger
  • Arbutus - Squid and mackerel burger
  • Haché - Cheeseburger
  • Eagle Diner - Golden Hog (wild boar)
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen - Buffalo burger