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eat up

Published by Kyle Cathie on 4th March 2010, cover price £16.99

Charles Campion has gone behind all the TV-chef flash and glitz to find some of Britain’s best cooks: they shop well and every day produce dishes that put backbone into our claim that we’re now a country of discriminating eaters. There are more recipes in Eat Up! that you’ll want to make than in a couple of kilos of hard-bound gloss from the men on the telly” Sheila Dillon of Radio Four’s “Food Programme

“What do Brits really eat? We’ve become a nation of TV foodies and celebrity chefs, but there any good cooks in Britain? Writers have written books about traditional recipes,regional delicacies and from the standpoint of the producers but no one has asked whether the British cook well at home when left to their own devices. Well known for his passionate enthusiasm for food and cooking, Charles Campion set out on a culinary tour round Britain to discover just what state our cooking is in. Beginning in Brighton and ending in Grampound, Cornwall, via Otley, Yorkshire and Llanidloes, mid Wales, he toured the country having meals with strangers who willingly shared their expertise, food and recipes. On the way he spoke with foodie thinkers, which meant foraging with Fergus Drennan in Kent, discussing goats’ cheese with Juliet Harbutt in Gloucestershire and savouring whisky with Charles MacLean in Midlothian. Whilst seeking out Britain’s unsung cooks he sampled everything from a macrobiotic meal in County Durham to a fish feast in Essex – in short everything that is good about British food and cooking today.

As Charles discovered, Britain’s reputation as a nation that lacks skill in the kitchen is undeserved (granted that wasn’t always the case, even a decade ago things were less rosy) but today’s British cooks are inventive, hospitable and unfailingly generous; they cook fresh fish to perfection, make splendid cakes, understand butter sauces, enjoy cooking game, make great salads and revel in indulgent puddings. It’s time we all stood up and paid tribute.”

‘Bloody brilliant; I love this book’ Alex James

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